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Vacancies at South Derbyshire CVS in Swadlincote, Derbyshire

  • Network Support Worker– full time 37 hpw £17,891 pa – funded to 31/3/18
    To support our work with networks of voluntary organisations and community groups in South Derbyshire and beyond, including organising meetings and events, communication with members, and managing databases, mailing lists and other records.
  • Community Food Project Support Worker– full time 37 hpw or 2 x 18.5 hpw possible £17,891 pa – funded to 31/3/18
    To support the effective running of our food projects including handling, storing and distributing food donations, keeping records, liaising with clients and volunteers and general admin.
  • Part time/sessional Project Support Workersup to 18 hpw £17,891 pro rata 4 month contract/ sessional work £9.30 per hour
    To deal with enquiries and referrals, contact service users, general admin duties and practical tasks that help the smooth running of CVS projects.

Closing date Fri 21 April 2017 at 9am

Full details at www.sdcvs.org.uk/vacancies


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UPDATE 25/1/17

The consultation closed on 20/11/16.  17 responses were received, 7 from voluntary groups.  3D (network of CVS and other voluntary sector support organisations in Derbyshire) submitted a joint response. As a result Derbyshire County Council (DCC) have made some changes to the Framework – latest documents are attached.  Responses to the documents were generally positive, comments made were more about other barriers to contracting such as timescales and lack of time/opportunity for consortia building.  The requirement for £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance for small contracts was also raised. DCC agree and are looking to review and activate a range of levels of insurance subject to levels of contract values in future.  Thanks to everyone who responded.

A report and final strategy documents will go to a DCC Cabinet meeting on 31 January and you can download the papers from the DCC website (Agenda item 8) at:


Original post:  

Derbyshire County Council is consulting on plans to consider Social Value when procuring local services, including those from the voluntary and community sector.

Commissioners are required by law to consider the social value of their approaches to procuring public services when awarding a contract.  This means looking beyond the price of a contract and considering the economic, environmental and social benefits to a community, over and above the goods/services being purchased.

A group of representatives from different DCC departments is supporting the development of Social Value across the council. It has produced a draft Social Value Strategy as well as a structured framework and guidelines, to make sure commissioning and procurement processes maximise social value in future across DCC.

A consultation is now taking place on the strategy, priorities and support needed by potential providers to demonstrate social value.  Voluntary and community sector organisations, service users and service providers are encouraged to take part.  Closing date 20 November 2016.

To read more and take part go to Derbyshire County Council’s website at


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New proposals about Derbyshire County Council funding for voluntary and community groups will go to Cabinet on 20 September.

The original proposal was to cut nearly £1.4m from the Adult Care Grant Aid Budget, which would have meant 45 organisations losing their grants.

The new proposals are that:

  • 5 counselling services and 2 tai chi groups will be given 3 months’ notice that their funding will end;
  • The Voluntary Sector Development Budget (for one-off start up grants) will also be cut;
  • The remaining organisations will continue to be funded for 18 months (until 31 March 2018).  Locally, this includes funding for South Derbyshire CVS and Mencap Gateway Club. The funding for this will come from Adult Care, Public Health Prevention Fund, the Chief Executive’s Department and the Members Community Leadership Scheme.

During the consultation, 1,829 questionnaires were returned (201 from people using South Derbyshire CVS services) and 802 service users, carers, volunteers and staff attended local focus groups (78 attended the focus groups at South Derbyshire CVS) to have their say about how the proposed cuts would affect them.

If the proposals are agreed this is good news for us – a big thank you again for everyone who took the time to support us by responding to the consultation, writing to their elected representatives or attending a focus group.

The paper also says that no funding is assured beyond 31 March 2018 and that any future funding will be subject to review and informed by its future prevention strategy – “The VCS will be a key partner in developing this strategy and future funding will be linked to the priorities that emerge.”

The Cabinet will meet on 20 September – agenda and papers for the meeting areon Derbyshire County Council’s website here:

The paper on VCS Grants is agenda item 19 and can be downloaded here:


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South Derbyshire CVS has had good news – Derbyshire County Council Adult Care has agreed to extend our contract for the Connect Befriending Service for another year.  We are really pleased about this – we can now continue to provide this essential service which deploys volunteers to support lonely and isolated people in South Derbyshire for another 12 months at least.

However many other befriending services – along with some other SDCVS services including Social Car services and the Volunteer Centre – are still under threat.  Many of them are funded by voluntary sector grants.  As you will know from previous ebulletins, Derbyshire County Council Adult Care is proposing to stop all its grant funding from the end of September.  The consultation period has now ended and we are all waiting for a final decision to be made next month.

Derbyshire Befriending Services are asking funders to think again, pointing out that the cuts would be a false economy.  A ‘Save Befriending’ Facebook page has been set up at https://www.facebook.com/savebefriending/ and you can show your support for befriending services that will be affected at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-befriending-services-for-the-vulnerable-in-derbyshire.html

Volunteer befrienders make a massive social and financial contribution – a 2015 survey of provision found that 754 volunteers giving their time to 31 befriending services contribute around 1571.5 hours’ time each week. If they were all paid the minimum wage this would cost £439,517 per year. Volunteer-based befriending offers high-quality care at a rate which represents incredible value for money.

A recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation found chronic loneliness increases the chances of an early death by 14% – a similar impact to being overweight or smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  Volunteers provide a vital social lifeline as well acting as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community, looking out for people who are most vulnerable.  With a quarter of the population of Derbyshire now aged over 65, the need for befriending has never been greater, while referrals for befriending from families, GPs, social services and others have never been higher.

Befriending services around the county provide a vital lifeline to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, linking them up with the friendship and support of trusted volunteers.    In return for a relatively small investment, the difference they make to people who are lonely and isolated is huge.  We very much hope that the funders will reconsider their decision and find a way to continue to fund these valuable services.

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“Loneliness is not having anyone to tell that you are lonely”

 Did you know? In the UK, more than 1 million people aged over 65 say they often or always feels lonely. We have 1,000 older people waiting for a Silver Line Friend. They have chosen to be called Silver Liners.

By volunteering as a Telephone Friend for The Silver Line, we match you to a Silver Liner that you call once a week.

“Just speaking to someone helps me cope a little better…” – Silver Liner

 This is a volunteer role that you can do from home or from work. All you need is access to a telephone and the internet. We ask for a commitment of up to a year where possible and the ability to make your call on the same day and time each week. Friendship calls can be made between 8am and 8pm Monday – Sunday.

The Silver Line pays for the cost of all friendship calls and for safety reasons we also record the calls.

In the time it takes to read the paper, watch the news or take a trip to the shop, you can volunteer with The Silver Line. A regular 30-minute call from a friend really can change the life of a lonely person.

See how a call from a Silver Line Friend makes a big difference by searching ‘The Silver Line’ on YouTube.

About The Silver Line:

The Silver Line is the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK, open every day and night of the year. Our specially trained helpline staff:

  • Offer information, friendship and advice
  • Link callers to local groups and services
  • Protect and support those who are suffering abuse and neglect

If callers would like to be put in touch with Silver Line Friends, they can receive a weekly friendship call or a regular friendship letter. Silver Line Friends are volunteers who have contacted The Silver Line because they enjoy talking to older people.

Practical Considerations:

To be a Silver Line Telephone Friend you will need:

  • To be aged 18 and over
  • Access to the internet and an email account
  • A UK, Channel Isles, or Isle of Man, landline telephone (we cannot facilitate calls from other countries)
  • To be able to commit to a 30-minute friendship call, at the same time and day each week, for up to a year
  • To want to speak to, and build a relationship with an older person


Further FAQs:

  1.  Does this vacancy require any particular skills, qualities or experience?

The most important skills you need as a volunteer in this role is to enjoy conversation with older people and have the ability to listen.

  1. Is this role flexible?

You must be able to commit to the same time and day each week to make your 30-minute friendship call. Your call can take place any day of the week, from 8am – 8pm.

  1. What does the application process involve?

Our application process requires each volunteer to complete an application form and provide details for two references. There will be a 20/30-minute telephone interview and then a 90-minute training session that takes place on the phone, with up to 5 volunteers.

  1. Is there anyone that is not suitable for this opportunity?

This role is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18.

The Silver Line website: http://www.thesilverline.org.uk/

The Silver Line Volunteering Page: http://www.thesilverline.org.uk/get-involved/volunteering/

Do-It voluntary Opportunity Link: https://do-it.org/opportunities/dad9485a-5c71-4184-a057-ee3b80309378

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What we do:

Small Charities Coalition supports small charities, registered or not, that have an income of less than £1m per year, and our membership is free. We do this by:

  • Giving them access to free and affordable resources such as 1-2-1 support, training and online learning provisions.
  • Providing opportunities for sharing learning, building capacity and saving money by collaborating with individuals and organisations from all sectors.
  • Providing a voice for them within the sector and the media.

We are encouraging small charities and individuals or larger organisations with skills they can share across the UK to sign up to Small Charities Coalition online for free. By becoming a member, small charities can access advice and support from us which compliments the local services they already access. Or, by signing up as a supporter, individuals and larger organisations can benefit from an established yet flexible way to volunteer their time and expertise in a way that really benefits small charities.

Click here to view our member leaflet and find out more about the services Small Charities Coalition provides for their members.

Click here to view our supporter leaflet and find out the different ways individuals and organisations can get involved to support small charities.

Additionally, if you would like to receive free hard copies of our leaflets then please fill in this survey with your details.

As part of this drive we would really appreciate anything you could do to help spread the word about our services through your newsletter, social media and website. Below we have created some suggested blurbs you can use to share this information:

Tweet / Facebook post:

Did you know that Small Charities Coalition membership is free? Sign up here: http://ow.ly/4ncBt0 #smallcharity @sccoalition

If you are a UK small charity you can be a member of Small Charities Coalition for free! http://ow.ly/4ncBt0#SmallCharities @sccoalition

Volunteer & share your professional skills – sign up as a supporter for Small Charities Coalition http://ow.ly/4ncBt0 #SmallCharities @sccoalition

Newsletter text:

Small Charities Coalition is a free membership charity who is reaching out to all small charities in the UK to invite them to become members.
You can join online here: http://www.smallcharities.org.uk/ways-to- join/ to access their mentoring, helpline, affordable training and online resources.”

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07/07/2016:  Follow up article here Fundings cuts – still time to have your say!

Derbyshire County Council Adult Care is planning to stop its grant funding  to many voluntary and community groups across the county. Local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, which also fund voluntary and community groups and services, are also reviewing the funding they give. These proposed cuts will affect a number of services provided by South Derbyshire CVS and other local voluntary organisations.  The funders want to hear the views of people who use these services and to find out about how the cuts would affect them, before they make a final decision.  You can respond to the consultation individually, or attend one of two local focus groups (7 and 16 June).


Derbyshire County Council Adult Care is planning to cut its grants to voluntary and community groups across the county. Local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, which also fund voluntary and community groups and services, are also reviewing the funding they give. These proposed cuts will affect a number of services provided by South Derbyshire CVS and other local voluntary organisations.  The funders want to hear the views of people who use these services and to find out about how the cuts would affect them, before they make a final decision.


If the cuts go ahead, some services will stop altogether and some services will be severely reduced.  This is likely to happen quite quickly – at the moment some grants have only been given up to the end of September 2016.


Yes, if you use any of the following South Derbyshire CVS Service. These are the ones which will stop or be greatly reduced if the proposed cuts go ahead:

  • Befriending Services
  • Community Development (funding advice, group support, training, ebulletin, etc.)
  • Travelling Lunch Club
  • Social Car Scheme
  • Volunteer Centre


The proposed cuts will also affect other voluntary and community groups in South Derbyshire and other parts of the County.  A list can be found on Derbyshire County Council’s website of the groups they fund (there is a link to the consultation below).  If your group is affected, and you would like support or advice about planning for the impact of the cuts, please contact Kerrie Fletcher, Community Development Manager, on 01283 219761 or development@sdcvs.org.uk


Derbyshire County Council is asking people for their views.  If you, your, family or your group use any of these services, and would be affected by the cuts, make sure you respond to the consultation and tell the Council what impact it will have.

It really is important that funders know how people who use services will be affected by the cuts, before they make their final decision. So please do take the time to let them know.


We are organising two focus group so you can come and talk to Derbyshire County Council and NHS staff to tell them what the cuts would mean to you.  All welcome, but please let us know you are coming – email bookings@sdcvs.org.uk or tel 01283 219761.  Two dates are planned:

Focus Group for Voluntary and Community groups

Tuesday 7 June, 12.30 – 2.30pm

At South Derbyshire CVS, 46-48 Grove Street, Swadlincote DE11 9DD

If you use our support services (e.g. funding advice, group support, volunteer recruitment, training) and/or if your members would be affected by cuts to the other CVS services, come and have your say.

Focus Group for people who use our Befriending Services, Social Car Scheme and Travelling Lunch Club

Thursday 16 June, 2.30-4.30pm

At Oakland Village, Hall Farm Road, Swadlincote DE11 8ND

If you use our direct services (Befriending, Social Car, Travelling Lunch Club), or if you care for someone or have a family member who does, then come and tell Council & NHS staff how the cuts would affect you.


Whether or not you come to the focus groups, you can also respond individually to Derbyshire County Council’s consultation by filling in a questionnaire about how you’d be affected.

The closing date for responses to the Derbyshire County Council consultation is 24 July 2016.

You can do this online through Derbyshire County Council website at


The final decision will be made by elected members (county councillors).  If you want to talk to the County Councillor who represents your area you can find out who they are and how to contact them at  https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/council/councillors/

The NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups are carrying out their own engagement exercise with service users and providers of the services they currently fund.  The closing date for responses to the CCG is 23 June 2016

More information about their funding review, and their questionnaire, can be found at:


If you prefer you can fill in a printed copy of either  survey (or both) and post it back.  Please ask if you would like us to send one to you.

Please contact any of the South Derbyshire CVS Development Team if you have any questions.

Kerrie Fletcher, Community Development Manager, South Derbyshire CVS

01283 219761 or development@sdcvs.org.uk 

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