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Do you have an experience to share about Care Homes? Do your members or service users?

Healthwatch Derbyshire wants feedback on Care Homes in Derbyshire over the next few months, and would appreciate your help with this.

They want to hear people’s (good or bad) experiences, which can be fed through to Healthwatch by phone, email, or via our website patient feedback centre http://www.healthwatchderbyshire.co.uk/give-feedback/

If possible, they would also like groups to put up a poster, or put an advert in your next newsletter or raise awareness of the campaign via social media – see communications kit attached. They can supply hard copies of the poster on request.

For more information contact

Karen Ritchie
Chief Executive, Healthwatch Derbyshire

Tel: 01773 880786
Web: http://www.healthwatchderbyshire.co.uk

Care Home Communications Kit

Healthwatch A4 Care Home Poster

Care Home Social Media Image 1

Social Media Image One 

Social Media Image 2

Social Media Image Two

Newsletter Advert - Care Home

Newsletter advert






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South Derbyshire CVS has had good news – Derbyshire County Council Adult Care has agreed to extend our contract for the Connect Befriending Service for another year.  We are really pleased about this – we can now continue to provide this essential service which deploys volunteers to support lonely and isolated people in South Derbyshire for another 12 months at least.

However many other befriending services – along with some other SDCVS services including Social Car services and the Volunteer Centre – are still under threat.  Many of them are funded by voluntary sector grants.  As you will know from previous ebulletins, Derbyshire County Council Adult Care is proposing to stop all its grant funding from the end of September.  The consultation period has now ended and we are all waiting for a final decision to be made next month.

Derbyshire Befriending Services are asking funders to think again, pointing out that the cuts would be a false economy.  A ‘Save Befriending’ Facebook page has been set up at https://www.facebook.com/savebefriending/ and you can show your support for befriending services that will be affected at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-befriending-services-for-the-vulnerable-in-derbyshire.html

Volunteer befrienders make a massive social and financial contribution – a 2015 survey of provision found that 754 volunteers giving their time to 31 befriending services contribute around 1571.5 hours’ time each week. If they were all paid the minimum wage this would cost £439,517 per year. Volunteer-based befriending offers high-quality care at a rate which represents incredible value for money.

A recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation found chronic loneliness increases the chances of an early death by 14% – a similar impact to being overweight or smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  Volunteers provide a vital social lifeline as well acting as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community, looking out for people who are most vulnerable.  With a quarter of the population of Derbyshire now aged over 65, the need for befriending has never been greater, while referrals for befriending from families, GPs, social services and others have never been higher.

Befriending services around the county provide a vital lifeline to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, linking them up with the friendship and support of trusted volunteers.    In return for a relatively small investment, the difference they make to people who are lonely and isolated is huge.  We very much hope that the funders will reconsider their decision and find a way to continue to fund these valuable services.

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Derbyshire LGBT+, the county’s only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) support agency are pleased to announce the launch of their new project ‘Golden Rainbows’.

The project funded by Lloyds bank aims to reduce the isolation and loneliness often experienced by older LGBT+ individuals who live and or work in rural Derbyshire.
This new innovative project is being run in partnership with Rural Action Derbyshire who in some research they conducted highlighted that older (50+) people who self identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) had no access to specific LGBT services in rural Derbyshire.

Previous research has shown that in an aging population, older people can experience social isolation and loneliness (Beaumont, 2013). We already know that loneliness is a significant issue for older LGBT people (Kuyper & Fokkema, 2010). We also know that older people are ‘Coming Out’ later in life (Clemmons, 2014).

Loneliness and social isolation is an area in which there has been little research completed, older LGBT people are a forgotten group. From working with this group in Derby City, we realise that because of the history of LGBT people, getting older can be much more complex than their heterosexual counterparts. Older LGBT people are more likely to face aging alone as they often have given up their relationships with their biological families to live LGBT lives, this means that it is likely they will not have that support from immediate or extended families.

Likewise, if they have had a same sex relationship they may have lost their partners through bereavement. Men over the age of seventy will have experienced their younger lives in an era when homosexuality was criminalised and in general other LGBT older people will have experienced in younger lives societal and familial prejudice and discrimination.

Further research indicates that social isolation and loneliness in older people has serious effects on health (Cattan et al, 2005, Luo et al, 2012) and self identifying as LGBT doubly impacts on health.

The ‘Golden Rainbows’ project has five main objectives;

1. Form a network of support agencies that will enable Derbyshire LGBT+ to identify the demographic group.
2. To research evidence on the needs and experiences of older people living in rural Derbyshire
3. Conduct a local needs assessment.
4. Make an application for Big Lottery funding to action the findings of the ‘Golden Rainbows’ project and set up specific LGBT support services throughout rural Derbyshire.
5. Feedback to partners, support agencies and the older LGBT community about the outcomes of the ‘Golden Rainbows’ project.
The project lead officer Connor Fittall said “Research from Rural Action Derbyshire and Derbyshire LGBT+ has shown that older LGBT+ people experience high levels of isolation and loneliness in relation to their heterosexual counterparts. This isolation and loneliness is doubled if an older LGBT+ person lives in a rural area of the county”.

Connor Fittall would like to talk to anyone who self identifies as LGBT+, is over the age of 50 and lives or works in rural Derbyshire about their needs, experiences and what support they would like from Derbyshire LGBT+.

Please see the attached survey Derbyshire LGBT+ are running to establish what types of support this particular group in our community needs. Click here to download the Isolation and Loneliness Survey 2016

Contact details are:
Telephone: 01332 207704
Email: connorgoldenrainbows@derbyshirelgbt.org.uk
All correspondence will be kept in the strictest confidence

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This is published twice a year by Derbyshire County Council. The latest (Oct 2012) edition has 20 pages of interviews, news items and more including:• An article about the pressures of being a carer and how they can get a bit of support themselves.

  • An article about the pressures of being a carer and how they can get a bit of support themselves.
  • All the latest on Aiming High for Disabled Children which helps Derbyshire families enjoy short breaks.
  • A feature about a popular group called Siblings which helps Derbyshire young people with severely disabled brothers and sisters to enjoy fun days out.

The magazine can be picked up from your local children’s centre or library and it is also online at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/reach


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The latest issue of the Self Advocacy in Action Grapevine celebrates 25 years of supporting people with learning disabilities/difficulties to be more confident in speaking up and becoming more independent. This is also the 50th Issue of the Grapevine which makes us proud of all of the hard work that our members and supporters have put into making a great publication over the years!

Download Grapevine 50th IssueSAIA Grapevine 50th Issue (PDF, 6.9MB)


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The September 2012 issue of Mhag-zine can be downloaded below. Includes articles about a meeting with ATOS about Work Capability Assessments, changes to NHS Commissioning, the latest on Personal Independence Payments, plus details of forthcoming MHAG meetings and drop-ins.

Download: Mhag-zine Sept 2012 (PDF, 678KB)

MHAG Autumn 2012 News Update features highlights of MHAG’s work during the year, including benefits campaigning, Transport campaigning and inpatient care.

Download: MHAG News Update Autumn 2012 (PDF, 534KB)

You can contact the MHAG Co-ordinators on

Tel: 01332 345966 extension 5 or email: mhactiongroup@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.mhag.org.uk  or on Facebook


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Our 2011-12 Annual Report is now available – read about all our work and activities during 2011-12.

A copy can be downloaded below, or contact us on 01283 219761 for a printed hard copy

SDCVS Annual Report

   Download a copy:  SDCVS_Annual_Report_2012 (PDF, 2.2MB)

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